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Silver Punk

The Punk Crucifixion

The Punk Crucifixion

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Unveiling "The Punk Crucifixion," a provocative two-piece art panel by Silver Punk that daringly reimagines a seminal moment in art and religious iconography. This artwork features a half-length portrait of a punk rocker, marked by his distinctive mohawk and open leather jacket that reveals his torso, posed in the solemn act of crucifixion.

Each panel of this striking piece is crafted through the traditional sand casting process all by hand, utilizing 999s fine silver to capture every raw and textured detail. This process not only ensures the uniqueness of the piece but also enhances its emotional impact and aesthetic appeal. Hallmarked for Birmingham 2024, the artwork measures approximately 10cm x 6cm and weighs a total overall weight of approx. 6.5ozt.

"The Punk Crucifixion" challenges traditional narratives, offering a bold, contemporary take on the classical theme of sacrifice and rebellion, making it a powerful statement piece for any silver collection.

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