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Silver Punk

The Punk Angel

The Punk Angel

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Introducing "The Punk Angel," a mesmerising two-piece art panel by Silver Punk. This artwork captures a winged punk angel, poised dramatically in a rugged valley, symbolising freedom and rebellion. 

Each panel is handcrafted meticulously using the traditional sand casting process that adds depth and authenticity to the piece.

Crafted from 999s fine silver and carrying the Birmingham 2024 hallmark, "The Punk Angel" ensures both quality and exclusivity. Measuring approximately 12cm x  6cm and weighing a total overall weight of approx 6.08ozt, this artwork combines substantial presence with intricate detail.

"The Punk Angel" is not just an art piece; it is an expression of defiance and grace, making it a standout addition to any collection of contemporary silver art.

Great condition, straight from the furnace, a cool hand poured and finished piece.

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