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Silver Punk

Punk & The Dragon

Punk & The Dragon

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Experience the thrilling reinterpretation of a classic legend with "Punk & The Dragon," a dynamic four-piece art panel by Silver Punk. 

This piece vividly captures the moment a rebellious punk hero, mounted on horseback, confronts and slays a fearsome dragon. This contemporary twist on the iconic Saint George and the Dragon narrative infuses traditional symbolism with modern, edgy aesthetics.

Handcrafted through the time-honoured sand casting process, each panel of this artwork is made from 999s fine silver and bears the prestigious Birmingham 2024 hallmark, signifying its authenticity and purity. The complete artwork measures approximately 10cm x 10cm and weighs a total overall weight of approx. 10ozt, making it both a visually striking and significant collector’s item.

"Punk & The Dragon" is more than just a piece of art; it's a bold statement that combines historical inspiration with avant-garde artistry, ideal for those who appreciate a modern twist on classic themes.

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